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Weed Brooms

Weed brooms and weed brushes have proven to be particularly effective for mechanical weed control on paved surfaces. Depending on the capabilities of the sweeper, weed brooms are available in a range of degrees of stiffness.


The gentle weed broom Federstar with good cleaning performance is particularly suitable for low vegetation and delicate ground.
The bundling of the wires by springs ensures good weed removal, while the tufts are still soft enough to avoid damaging the substrate.

Circular Weed Brushes with 13 mm bristles

Circular weed brushes with 13 mm bristles are the next hardest option for weed removal, after the Federstar. The tufts are reinforced with a metal grommet and a plastic tube.


The Variofix is assembled from a conversion plate and an almost conventional plate broom. The conversion plate allows tufts of weeds to be picked up quickly and flexibly.


The WildKrautSau is characterized by a plastic sheathing of the wire tufts and a welding of the tufts to a steel support plate.
The advantage of the plastic sheathing is that scattering of broken wire pieces is prevented and the hardness of the individual tufts remains stable over the entire running time.There is no significant fanning out of the bristles.
The steel support plate is more heat-resistant than plastic bodies, which reliably prevents tufts from melting out during fast sweeping.

In order to meet the requirements of the sweeper, the WildKrautSau is available in different variants:

  • exclusively with plastic-coated wire rope bundles
  • mixed with bundled wire
  • in combination with a conventional plate broom

The WildkrautSau can be used for many types of sweepers, but only on large sweeping mashines.


For smaller areas where sweepers cannot reach the weeds, we manufacture brushes for brush cutters to remove weeds with a brush cutter
Federstar with bundled beam wires

Circular weed brush
WildkrautSau with plastic coating and wire

Weed bristles

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