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Sweeper Brush MaterialsDifferent sweeper brushes

Regardless of the size and type of sweeper, whether mounted, truck mounted, front mounted or rear mounted, we manufacture side brushes and feed rollers for all types of sweeper. Depending on the fill, the brushes are suitable for internal or external cleaning.

Bodys of Sweeper Brushes


The bodies of the brushes are made from solid beech wood sourced from local forests.


Disc broom bodies are cut from waterproof glued plywood.

Recycled Plastic

Disc broom bodies and broom strips are made from recycled plastic sheet (PP/PE regenerate). When the bristles of the disc brooms are worn out, the bodies are taken back, cleaned of dirt and old bristles and reused.

Polyethylen (PE) / Polyolefine (PO)

Sweeper bodies are made from PE and PO pipes. These materials are neutral to groundwater in landfills and are harmless when incinerated.

Bristles for Sweeper Brushes

Flat steel wire

Flat steel wire is used for the bristles of disc brooms.

We recommend:Flat steel wire reinforced with spring

  • Asphalt: pure flat steel trimming
  • Uneven surfaces: Mixed flat steel wire and polypropylene filling
  • Low-noise sweeping: Rubber coated wire (natural rubber) for extra noise reduction (whisper broom)

Depending on the surface, a different hardness of wire may be required. This can be varied by material thickness and increased by the use of springs.

Corrugated wire

Corrugated wire mixed with synthetic fibres is only used for sweeping rollers. The use of corrugated wire in sweeping rollers can lead to wire breakage despite the greatest possible care in the selection of raw materials and their processing. In sensitive areas such as farms, schools and nurseries, next to pastures or on interlocking paving, we recommend rollers without corrugated wire.

Polypropylene (PP)

Polypropylene is the plastic commonly used for sweeper brushes.

We recommend bristles made of or with polypropylene for more sensitive surfaces to ensure particularly gentle cleaning.


Details of polypropylene bristles
Polypropylene bristles
Nylon (Nylon6)

Nylon bristles are particularly abrasion-resistant and become long-lasting brooms.


To help prevent microplastics in our environment, you can now use BioPLA as an environmentally friendly, compostable sweeping brush.
The bristle has optimal mechanical properties for street cleaning and is made from starch-based biopolylactic acid.

  • Sustainable, because made from renewable materials
  • CO2-neutral
  • Compostable
  • Grown without genetically modified organisms (GMO-free)


All brooms can also be fitted with mixed trimming.


Our brooms for sweepers:

Circular brushes
Sweeping rollers
Roller brushes for winter maintenance
Brush rings



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