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Materials Hand BroomsDifferent hand held brooms

Hand brushes are mainly used for street sweeping, hall and workshop cleaning and rail cleaning.

Body for hand-held brooms

The bristles and handle are attached to the broom body. Our beech wood broom bodies are particularly durable and strong.

Bristles for hand-held brooms

Different bristles are selected depending on the application requirements of the broom. Below is a selection of the natural and synthetic fibres we use and what they are best suited for.


Bahia is the premium natural fibre used in brooms. It is obtained from a South American palm tree. The fineness of the bristles, combined with the relative stiffness of the fibre, gives exceptional sweeping power.


Piassava is also a natural fibre. It is made from the ribs of the palm leaves of a species of palm native to West Africa. Piassava is often used in place of synthetic fibres at higher temperatures. Piassava brooms are particularly suitable for coarse sweeping due to their strong and durable bristles.

Broom with Piassava bristles
Piassava bristles



Coconut fibre is a natural fibre used primarily for soft sweeping material in parlour, hall and workshop brooms. The flexibility of the coir fibre also makes it suitable for use on uneven floors.


Arenga is also a natural fibre. It is stiffer than coir. A broom made from Arenga bristles is suitable for coarse and fine dirt and has a long life. Arenga is resistant to water and oil.


Elston (with us in red) is the most commonly used PVC fibre for brooms. It is mainly used for sticky debris and in stables.
PVC is used here because it is relatively cheap and dimensionally stable, i.e. if the broom is stored standing on its bristles, they will not bend.

Broom with red Elaston bistles
Elaston bristles
Polypropylene (PP)

Polypropylene is similar to Elaston and is used specifically for sticky sweeping material. It is suitable for more sensitive surfaces to ensure extra gentle cleaning. It is also more environmentally friendly.
The versatile all-round bristles are suitable for both fine debris such as dust and coarse dirt.


Special PVC (with us in black) is a PVC fibre that is particularly suitable for lighter applications. The special corrugation prevents the sweepings from splashing. This makes special PVC brooms particularly suitable for wet sweeping.



To our hand-operated road brooms, workshop brooms and switch brooms for cleaning rails.



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