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The Best Broom for every need

Sweeper Broom

We produce circular brushes and sweeping rollers for all sweepers. Learn more about our brooms for sweepers.
For indoor & outdoor cleaning.
Weed Removal Mechanical weed removal or weed removal with sting trimmers in smaller areas - we manufacture the right brushes.
Wastewater Treatment Plant Brushes

Brushes for use in sewage treatment plants are complex applications. Learn more about our waterproof brushes and contact us for a consultation.
Winter Service

For winter road maintenance applications we produce skidding rollers as well as forklift brooms.
Hand Brooms

Hand-guided road and workshop brooms and switch brooms for use on rails.
Custom Brushes

Whether brushes for animal welfare or special brooms to clean strawberries in the field - contact us with your requirements.

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Forklift Broom

Our push-lift-broom for self-construction has proved itself as a simple and cost-effective variant to quickly push away finer and coarse impurities.

Advantages of forklift brooms are the very fast assembly, a low-dust work with low wear and the assembly without complex mechanics. Our stick broom for self-assembly is also a particularly cost-effective and flexible variant.

We offer forklift brooms with plastic trim and steel sliding brushes in various degrees of hardness to remove coarse and heavy dirt.






To avoid microplasics in our environment, you can now use BioPLA as an environmentally friendly, compostable sweeping bristle.
The bristle has optimal mechanical capabilities for street cleaning and is made from starch-based biopolylactic acid.

  • sustainable, because made from renewable raw materials
  • CO2-neutral
  • compostable
  • grown without genetically modified organisms (GMO-free)

All plastic fibers can be replaced with BioPLA. Contact us to use BioPLA in your brooms and brushes.


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