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GoGreen-Story – Our Story is Consistency


240319 IFAT GoGreen Ads 800x800 EN V02Hermann Wimmer Piassavawerke e.K. – Bürstenfabrik – does not have a really creative or innovative concept to reduce our CO2 footprint around our trade fair appearance. However, we have implemented many of the well-known measures to reduce our environmental impact with great commitment and consistency.

After taking a look at our rubbish bin as we set up, during the show and as we tidied up after the show, we asked ourselves: Is buying these products worth the impact of throwing them away?

What exactly are the effects of our behavior: Consumption of resources, money spent on purchase and disposal, wasted CO2 emissions? Is it not the responsibility of all of us to do our bit to reduce CO2? What can we do now?

As a result, we have banned disposable products such as the stand itself, carpets, crockery and beverage packaging from our stand. We no longer use portion packs for coffee, milk or sugar and separate the waste for recycling as far as possible. Our brochures are emailed, offered via QR codes or printed on environmentally friendly paper.

We have tried to systematically and consistently make small changes in many places to get one step closer to carbon neutrality. The following nitpicking list may illustrate our efforts:


1. Modularity and Reusability

Reusability & longevity

  • The walls of the exhibition stand consist of flexible modules - suitable for any trade fair
  • High-quality carpet tiles that have been used at many trade fairs for many years
  • Gluing the tiles efficiently to the floor saves waste and protects the tiles


  • Stand set-up possible with only 2 persons
  • No forklift truck required for assembly and dismantling


  • Transport crates are used as furnishings for the back room

Ecological benefits

  • Long service life of the stand elements and carpet tiles
  • Variety purity of the components of the stand elements


2. Climate Impact and Emissions

Climate-friendly characteristics

  • There is strength in friendly restraint - avoiding what is not necessary - no process means no emissions
  • Durability of the stand elements and equipment: Stand modules and carpets


3. Stand Equipment

Sustainable equipment

  • Multiple use of the exhibits - e.g. our brush mannequin and forklift bar stand
  • Brochures / information material
    • Double-sided printing of information material - where possible
    • Chlorine-free bleached paper for information material and brochures printed on environmentally friendly paper
    • QR codes for information material - no unnecessary printing of brochures
    • E-brochures sent by e-mail after the trade fair

Energy efficiency

  • All spotlights on the wall elements and trusses are fitted with energy-saving LED lamps


  • Dishwashing detergent and vinegar as cleaning agents are efficient and sustainable
  • A quick brush out of dirt is often enough

Waste Management:

1st priority: Prevention
2nd priority: Separation for recycling

  • No disposable carpets
  • No disposable cutlery
  • Waste separation into:
    • Paper
    • Plastic
    • Glass
    • Compost goes into the garden at home
    • Residual waste - if there is any left ove
    • Disposal at home, because separate collection with recycling is ensured


4. Catering

Ecological and sustainable

  • Fairtrade organic coffee in a kilo pack - that means no pods, capsules or portion packs for the rubbish bin
  • Coffee grounds are collected in a large jar without adding any foreign matter and composted at home
  • Organic milk in litre packs
  • Sugar from sugar shaker
  • Beverages from returnable glass bottles
  • Pure drinking water from the carafe - the best regional Munich tap water served in beautiful glasses
  • Glass and porcelain tableware - this does not mean doing away with disposable tableware, but offering pleasant, high-quality tableware


5. Mobility

Use ecological transport where possible

  • Reference to the MVV ticket on the admission ticket in the invitation letter for guests and employees
  • Daily arrival of trade fair staff by non-motorised scooter and local public transport obligatory


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