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Forklift Broom

A forklift sweeper is a purely mechanical attachment for a tractor, wheel loader or forklift truck. The forklift broom is quickly and easily picked up by the forks.

For farms, construction companies and building yards, push brooms with the matching pick-up rails are particularly popular for cleaning large and easily accessible areas.

We supply the mounting bar and brushes for you to build your own brushes. This has the advantage that the brush is cost effective and can be customised.

The proven do-it-yourself broom range means that any company can design and manufacture its own broom to suit its own needs, saving money compared to other off-the-shelf products.

Together with the proven do-it-yourself system and the ability to use mixed plastic/wire brooms, the user has maximum flexibility for all sweeping applications where moving brushes are not required or desired.

Advantages of Forklift Brooms:

  • Quick assembly
  • Low dust work with very low abrasion
  • No complex mechanics
  • Flexibel
  • Cost-effective
  • In case of abrasion only the affected brooms can be exchanged

Forklift Broom - do-it-yourself system:

We provide you with steel rails and brushes with the desired bristles. The steel rail acts as the link between the brush and the forklift truck, wheel loader, excavator, tactors or any other carrier you wish to use. The brushes are inserted into the steel rail. When the bristles wear out, only the brush needs to be replaced, the steel rail remains on your carrier.

The push broom is available with plastic, steel or mixed trim.


Forklift Broom with Plastic Trim

The synthetic fibre brush is a very simple and cost-effective way of quickly sweeping away fine and coarse dirt.

The push broom has also proved its worth in winter maintenance. Particularly on uneven ground, where the blade is blocked in places by bumps or the snow cannot be completely cleared when the blade is set higher, the bristles level out the unevenness. Very heavy slush is more likely to melt and can thus be pushed to the side.

Forklift Broom with Steel Trim

The push broom with steel-trimmed broom elements can be used to push aside heavy dirt or encrusted material on paved surfaces as well as packed snow in winter maintenance.

Depending on the intended use or desired hardness, the flat wires used can be drawn in lengthwise or crosswise to the direction of sweeping, so that an extremely hard bristle set is also available.

The use of different wire lengths allows the new steel brooms to be used both as a pure steel brush with a long fill and as a plastic/steel mixing broom.

Push Broom with holder
Push Broom with holder

Mounting rail for forklift push broom
Mounting rail for forklift push broom

Forklift broom with steel trim
Forklift broom with steel trim

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